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A website is a combination of electronic applications and documents which are hosted on the web servers. In general, websites consist of text, interactive content, sounds, images and links. The originating point of any website is the web design process.

Web design is an important skill required in creating online presentations and content with the use of hypermedia or hypertext. After designing and creating the web pages and publishing them, the website is displayed online to the whole world through the World Wide Web. The intention of the web design is to make out a nice-looking, user friendly website.

Approachable Web Design

In order to become approachable, the web pages and the websites have to confirm some specific principles. The approachability principles are called as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines can be grouped into multiple areas.

The first thing to understand in web design is the better utilization of semantic mark up which offers a meaningful and significant structure for the documents, like web pages. This form of mark up signifies semantically organizing the defined structure of the web page and finally publishing all the web services and their description in a better way. This way, these pages are also distinguished by the other types of web services also. Moreover, in order to have an ideal web designing for the web site, make use of valid and active markup language which conforms well to some specified schema or Document Type Definition. Another area to give proper attention is to apply hyperlinks which seriously make up some sense with its content.

There are various components of web design, which have to be given appropriate attention. If you want to create beautiful and functional sites, you need perfect knowledge of web design that includes tags, sounds, images, text, presentations, HTML validators and so on. The web designing tools are updated from time to time. Therefore, you have to update your knowledge continuously as per the requirements.

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websites,web design,internet,website design

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This article was published on 2010/10/04