Major Factors Affecting Costing Of Small Business Web Design

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Website was earlier the privilege of the big business only, but advancement in technology and the saturation compelled the web designers to cater their services to the small businesses too. Moreover the number of web design companies rose exponentially in the early 2000s. The scenario has slightly changed since then.

How the technicalities made the difference?

Earlier it was the monopoly of the Internet explorer and the web designers had to make website that were just compatible with only one browser. Later on there was an entry of multiple browsers. So the websites needed to be designed in such a way that they are compatible with all the browsers operating in the market. This increased the costing a bit especially because manpower with expertise in web designing for multiple browser were scarce in the market and they demanded higher remuneration. Some of other prominent browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari (product of Apple) and Google Chrome.

The hardware has also evolved a lot and the resolutions have changed. The websites needed to be compatible with the most common resolutions on the monitors not only of the PC but also the lap tops.

Mobile Phones:

Nowadays the mobile phones are being designed in such a way that the internet can be accessed through them. There are various platforms in different brands of mobile. The website needs to be compatible with the platforms such as Android, BlackBerry and iPod/iPhone. Some of the web design technologies are not compatible with the platforms. For example, the iPod and iPhone do not support website with Flash. This means that the Flash based website cannot be seen by a person using iPod and iPhone. The websites need to be designed to be friendly with the screen width as well as the resolution of the mobile. These changes have brought an indirect hike in the costing of web design.

This does not mean that web designing for small businesses has become unaffordable. On the contrary when the return on investment is considered, the costing for web design, registration and hosting is proved to still affordable. With the technical advancement the number of prospective buyers has also increased. The ecommerce websites have increased a lot. People now prefer online shopping to going in the market and manually selecting the items or services to be purchased. The buyers have now become very selective and want the best possible customer services.

The small business websites need to have the elements to make them more accessible, buyer friendly and search engine friendly and finally generate revenue by converting the visitor into buyer. The only criterion that needs to be fulfilled is the business identity should be able to avail the services of an appropriate professional web design company.

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Major Factors Affecting Costing Of Small Business Web Design

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This article was published on 2010/12/11